Technolution B.V.

Theme: Urban Mobility

Pitch Line
Smart Cities is about the people who life, work, recreate, move and contribute to society, not about technology.

Together with the City of Copenhagen Technolution is involved in the program ITS Copenhagen. This program is about how smart ways of interactive, multi-modal traffic management and information can contribute in realising the challenging goal the city has set to become a CO2 neutral city by 2025. With our platform MobiMaestro we are able to bind data, road side systems and third party road user services within an integral traffic management approach that supports green transport modes in such a way that cyclists are well informed and can have a safe and smooth trip through the city, public transport can realise it schedules even in rush hours and during events, electric vehicles get access where regular vehicles are “pushed” towards the secondary ring road away from the densely populated inner city.

The next step for Technolution is to link traffic and traffic management to mobility management and mobility as a service. And to interlink traffic management with energy management, waste management urban planning and other city activities to enhance cost efficiency and make cities resilient.



Technolution B.V.

Paul van Koningsbruggen