Theme: Sustainability (Energy, water & Climate)

Pitch Line Sobolt delivers data-driven solutions for healthier, greener and smarter cities by leveraging AI and advanced (satellite)data analytics.

With half of the world’s population living in urban areas, having a sustainable city is more important than ever. Climate adaption, energy, mobility and livability are all pieces of the puzzle. That’s why Sobolt presents unique data driven solutions to help with solving the puzzle. Examples are:

– SolarSearch, to monitor and analyze urban PV adaption

– Green rooftop impact monitoring in cities

– Bikeability Index, measure bikeability throughout the city

– Sustainable mobility, including EV planning

With these and more solutions, your city will be able to monitor, control and tackle sustainability challenges. Together with the city of Rotterdam, Sobolt will present a case study regarding monitoring of green roof adaption. Sobolt wants to support over 100 cities in Europe. Interested in partnering up?




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