shareNL + Sharing Cities Alliance

Theme: Smart City as a whole

Pitch Line: ‘Sharing & platform economy: addressing opportunities and challenges’


Our journey began during the emergence of the sharing & platform economy. We developed a deep understanding of how online platforms are reshaping the way people connect and how this affects industries and societies. Over the years we evolved into an agency with a unique global perspective and ecosystem: a network consisting of the world’s leading platforms, companies and cities. Our work is designed to help these businesses and governments understand, experience and create the change.

Emerging from our work with cities, last year we also initiated an independent foundation called the Sharing Cities Alliance. It’s a global network fostering city-to-city collaboration, empowering municipalities to continuously address the opportunities and challenges of the sharing & platform economy. Current partners are cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, New York City, Singapore, Seoul, Tel Aviv, The Hague, Toronto and Washington DC.

shareNL + Sharing Cities Alliance
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