SanITronics International B.V.

Theme: Smart City as a whole

Pitch Line: Providing a sustainable solution to the problems that public toilets bring.

The Revolving Toilet by Sanitronics, working towards a sustainable sanitary revolution.  The Revolving Toilet is the main product of Sanitronics at this time. This revolutionary toilet system will provide a clean and dry toilet after each visit, within only 20 seconds. The product has been designed from our own experience, the lack of hygienic public toilet solutions

has brought the founder of Sanitronics to the development of The Revolving Toilet. Next to The Revolving Toilet Sanitronics has numerous of other self and non self cleaning toilet solutions for the public environment. Around the toiletunits that Sanitronics develops and produces, the company is constantly looking towards new solutions on sustainability, durability and customer experience.

The innovative approach has led to a toilet unit that will blend perfectly into the streetview of a modern city, a system that will add value to the experience of visitors in that area, will be cost efficient and easy to control for municipalities, and will provide data and traffic information in relation to a smart city concept. The modular design of the unit allows flexible building as also flexible destruction and re-use of the materials.

SanITronics International B.V.
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