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Theme: Safety & Security

Pitch Line Crowd source relevant data to enable a data driven approach for ensuring a safe and secure environment.

 To combat illegal behaviour, such as organised crime it isn’t enough to act just on a fiscal or justice perspective. A civil approach is needed. To ensure that municipalities really can act against these civil issues a data driven approach is preferable.


We developed a platform where civil servants can make reports of abnormalities in a time and user friendly efficient way. Reports are automatically send to the correct departments within the municipality.

The data that is being gathered is enriched with data from open sources such as: Chamber of Commerce and the land register. If there is a hit that confirms suspicion behaviour then the data of the municipality will also be checked.

You can watch our approach on youtube here:



With over 500 reports made in the municipality of the Hague and a hit ratio of 1/3, the approach is validated and ready for other municipalities to implement.


The platform is scalable for other municipalities across Europe and we look forward to pilot our initiative in smart cities.


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Joey van Haasen