MADASTER is the online global register for products and materials in the built environment

Our planet is a closed system, and therefore resources are limited. Meanwhile we generate waste. In our vision, waste is material without an identity. Similar to human beings, we can give materials a passport to give them an identity so we can eliminate waste.

The built environment creates enormous volumes of waste, that’s why we started with a register for real estate and infrastructure. Madaster automatically processes 3D construction drawings and connects to a range of data sources to calculate circular value of buildings, to give a financial value to materials and to generate material passports for construction objects. Our users can monetise their data towards trading platforms for used materials and they can manage risks because they know what products/components and materials they have and where they are used.

Madaster is set up with a public objective: eliminate waste. Madaster is supervised by the independent not-for-profit Madaster Foundation to ensure its public function and social impact.

Data uploaded to the platform is owned by the user itself. The Madaster brand, anonymized data and ultimately also the Madaster Platform IP is ‘owned’ by the not-for-profit Foundation. This makes it possible to maximally facilitate and leverage the circular economy with data without commercial limitations.


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