HR Groep Rijswijk

Theme: Smart City as a whole

Pitch Line: To create a sustainable environment for everyone.


HR Groep is a total concept company and look at a city as a whole.

In order to integrate sustainable business within the entire company – in every process, every department and every policy point – people need vision. One of the visionary journeys is Jacques Goddijn jr., Who has been active in the world of road marking and public space for almost twenty years. He believes that the success of sustainable entrepreneurship rests largely on efficiency, guidelines and strict rules: ‘Today there is a tendency to go for strict systems.’

It is a big plus to strive for a tight organization, both in the short and the long term. ‘ Sustainable entrepreneurship is nowadays not only a way of managing. Actively involving employees within the entire organization is just as important. The current market is subject to change and the HR Group has attracted talented young people who dare to change: “I recognize the energy of young employees in myself. They are flexible and proactive about the future policy, ‘.

HR Group is increasingly expressing its role in the environmental field. We translate this into our policy in both purchasing and business processes. This is how we search for products that are less damaging to the environment. We choose our suppliers on the basis of the extent to which they are consciously engaged in sustainable production methods. Suppliers are then involved in the production process. As a result, in recent years we have been able to implement major environmental measures in the area of (chemical) waste, energy and waste water discharge. Recycling is also an important point of attention within environmental policy.

HR Groep Rijswijk

Jacques Goddijn