Theme: Smart City as a whole

Pitch Line: HAL24K’s platform combines advanced data science techniques and open source software with modelling, analysis and visualization, to enable real-time data-driven decision making in complex and multidimensional environments which optimizes resources, avoids disruptions and saves costs.


Our cities are changing. Within the next decade, on-demand, autonomous electric vehicles will become commonplace, deeply disrupting transportation. Smart cars will communicate with each other and surrounding infrastructure (V2X). CCTV and a proliferation of sensors will be ubiquitous. An enormous amount of data will be generated as will the demand for smart systems capable of transforming data streams into operational efficiencies.

Hyper-urbanization adds to the challenges facing cities across the world such as congestion, pollution, parking availability, sustainability and energy demand.

HAL24K believes that data-driven decision making, powered by automated operational systems based on artificial intelligence (AI), will prove the breakthrough cities need.

HAL24K focuses on the value-creating market segments of traffic management, water management and fleet management.

We build on insights to solve hard and multidimensional problems across among others traffic flow, water level management and predictive maintenance of mission-critical infrastructure assets. Our solutions optimize resources, avoid disruptions and save costs.

The HAL24K Dimension platform deploys and visualizes powerful data science and is accessible to the entire organization via a simple dashboard.

All models and plots created by data scientists are simply drag-and-dropped into the platform, making AI and predictive power accessible for novice and expert users. The meaning of data becomes clear, forecasts accurate, and continual improvements realised.

Robert Siccama
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