Goudappel Coffeng bv

Theme: Urban Mobility

Pitch Line: Our mission is to use proven Dutch mobility solutions to create sustainable, accessible, liveabale and economic flourishing cities worldwide

Excellent Cities
Integrated network design creates attractive vital cities, to better use scarce space. Dutch cities are famous for their high quality of life, including their smart mobility systems. As a world-wide strategist for urban mobility, Goudappel aligns city goals and mobility plans.
For more than 50 years, we are the leading firm on mobility engineering in The Netherlands. Our core business focusses on redesigning the mobility architecture of existing cities and make these cities adaptable for changing demand within their existing space. Shortly, we are experts in projects that deal with growth in cars and populations, with all kinds of solutions for network management, public transport, parking, cycling and pedestrians.

Our role in projects that improve urban performance is twofold. First, we inspire and sharpen interventions with strategic workshops, concept studies or second opinions. Using the MoveMeter, a powerful IT-tool that generates data for decision-making. Second, during implementation of the plan, we typically are the ‘back office’ for local partners for quality assurance and knowledge transfer on Dutch experience.

Goudappel Coffeng is part of the Goudappel Group (300 mobility professionals), consisting of multiple companies that work together on improving urban performance by mobility. The Group’s best-known labels are Goudappel Coffeng (www.goudappel.nl) and DAT.Mobility (www.dat.nl).
‘Excellent Cities’ is our international program (www.excellent-cities.com) in which we partner with universities, local partners and cities


Goudappel Coffeng bv

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