Theme: Sustainability (Energy, Water & Climate)

Pitch Line
We deliver Smart Sustainable Circular Services combining Energy, Water and Waste value streams.

We develop healthy and livable Smart Cities, regarding public, commercial and residential spaces, using innovative sustainable solutions and services in Energy, Water & Mobility in infrastructure and building environment. To create a city that people love to live, work and commute in, first of all you need a level playing field among the involved public and private stakeholders, whilst their interests are different and sometimes opposite in goals, time horizons and financials. The WELL Community Standard of the International WELL Building Institute is a good starting point.

FRINGE. works with a variety of Dutch organizations, especially to counter the pressing Korean Smart Sustainable City Development issues with innovative solutions, such as IF Technology (engineering sustainable groundwater based heat/cold energy solutions), CROW (innovation center for public space, infrastructure and traffic management solutions) and Groningen Water (specialized in combined public water and energy management solutions).

Solutions that can be aligned in our conversations with you. This means we will do our best to line up and support public and private companies in the Netherlands and Korea, that can share knowledge and add valuable solutions and services.


Mooieweg 174
6836 AL Arnhem

Bas van Beers