Esri Nederland B.V.

Theme: Data

Pitch Line: Providing location intelligence for urban challenges


“Today’s governments are clearly recognizing the profound need to transform their organizations through a mix of digital technologies and strategies designed to accelerate their operations. GIS is transformational in that it requires a shift in thinking about business problems. It imposes the question of how location impacts workflows, analysis, and engagement in searching for truth.

Forward-thinking organizations prioritize strategies, policies, and workflows enabling them to make data-driven decisions, maintain awareness of community activities, and stay connected. Effective, smart communities apply a hub approach connecting people with information and technology to improve quality of life, innovation, and better choices.

Use location to innovate and collaborate, get the most out of location technology investment by exploiting a combination of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, big data, inclusive apps, and community feedback to gain previously unimagined insight. Create a safer, healthier, sustainable, and more resilient community by knowing where to make the right investments at the right time.”


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