Enablemi B.V.

Theme: Sustainability

Pitch Line We are serving transitions by developing innovation projects based on the EnableC-design method.

Innovative flexibility concepts, for balancing supply and demand of sustainable energy, play a major role in making the energy transition possible. The technology itself is already available and could be implemented. However, the road to the market of these innovations is one with many bumps in it.

Enablemi brings together alpha, gamma and beta! We do this by co-creating and developing demo-projects and pilots, in which the new flexibility concepts can be adopted, adapted and improved. This implies that many stakeholders have to be aligned in complex ecosystems. The projects that we develop facilitate the technical and social innovations in overcoming the bumpy road on their way to full scale use.

Enablemi is focusing on the demonstration of smart low-carbon technology solutions for the flexible production and distribution of (sustainable) electricity, green gas, hydrogen and geothermics. Our clients are startups, corporates, DSO’s, business parks, cities and governments. We are based in the Energy Valley region of the Netherlands and have direct access to several Dutch experimental zones; areas with no legal restrictions.

Regarding the Smart City Expo World Congress 2018 in Barcelona we are especially looking for:

–           Startups that focus on smart energy systems and would like to demonstrate their

technology (or concept) in practice together with their potential clients.

–           Cities that would like to invite companies to demonstrate their concepts and that would

like to cooperate with others.



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