Eindhoven International Project Office (EIPO)

Theme: Smart City as a whole

Pitch Line: Sharing experience and knowledge on successful collaboration, creating new and better ecosystems, Smart City strategies and socio-economic development.


Eindhoven International Project Office (EIPO) is an Eindhoven based advisory, supporting regions and cities around the world in their socio-economic development.

Collaboration and sharing is our core business, as we work closely together with renowned partners from the Brainport Eindhoven region, as well as governments, universities and companies from all over the world, using the internationally acknowledged successful Triple Helix approach.

Main services:
We join your team to accelerate your ambitions, and share our knowledge and experience on:

• Triple Helix collaboration to enable growth and prosperity for your city or region. We know how to contextualise and adapt this model to local circumstances and culture.

• Smart City development is not only about technology, it is putting technology to work for the people. That is why we put socio-economic development first. Ultimately, it is all about connecting smart people.

• Building successful ecosystems can help develop a leading position in the world. This requires clear strategy, focus and strategic partnerships within the region as well as internationally.

• Strengthen your marketing to attract investments. We support cities and regions to deliver a clear message, based on your current capabilities, as well as your ambitions.


Eindhoven International Project Office (EIPO)
Hoogstraat 259
5654 NA Eindhoven

Joost Helms
+316 52 45 68 62