Theme: Smart City as a whole

Pitch Line: Building Better // With a stimulating view on entrepreneurship in the 21st century, dutch stimulates and inspires companies and governments to perform permanently better.

In co-creation with the GSC3 we as dutch, with our commitment and expertise, contributed to the creation of the NL Smart City Strategy. We tackle and change, always with a strong vision of the new economy. Within this domain, in addition to our work for large organizations, we are active in sustainable ventures and scale-ups, we participate in foundations and publish new business models and social entrepreneurship. Examples are: Dutch Basecamp (in association with Startupdelta), B Corp, and Beebox / Willem & Drees. What we learn from our ventures can be applied to big business and vice versa. Thus, we connect these two worlds. Building Better // Typical dutch!


Bisschopsweg 7
3752 LK Bunschoten-Spakenburg

Ilse Leeninga
+31 (0)88 77 22 550