Theme: Data

Pitch Line Datastreams is a fully compliant digital collaboration platform for easily sharing data and integrate analytical services for all sorts of smart city eco-systems.

The Datastreams platform simplifies the powerful capabilities of streaming data analytics within your business and between organisations in a compliant way. It facilitates the collection and connects data sources to endpoints in a reliable, secure and controlled manner. The platform enables companies to collaborate and paves the way to better data-driven decisions by ensuring consistent access to integrated streams of quality data and events.

When transporting data from source to destination, we want our data to arrive at the right place, at the right time, in the right format, while complying with legislations and data governance policies. When we have a lot of data flowing from many sources to many destinations, it is difficult to obtain these guarantees. Our Datastreams platform provides a centralised  controlled data architecture  for governing your data streams, untangling the disorganised ‘data spaghetti’ and putting your business and IT back in control.


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