Theme: Safety & Security

Pitch Line

Our Smart City Cyber Resilience Monitor protects digital infrastructures from cyber threats by automatic detection of insufficiently secured IoT-devices and sensors.

Smart Cities offer many opportunities to improve both the economic development and the standard of living for citizens, but it also has a down-side of increasing the potential digital break down causing societal disruption. While we are creating more complex systems within our Smart Cities, the threat of cyber security attacks becomes more relevant. Technical innovations are increasingly being connected to the internet (IoT). When an insufficiently secured device is connected to the internet, it serves as a potential entry point for a cyberattack.

Building Resilient Cities: Monitoring the Smart City security

Together with the municipality of The Hague, Cybersprint is developing the Smart City Resilience Monitor. Within this platform we continuously detect digital threats in Smart City infrastructures caused by connecting technical innovations to the internet. All detected insecure devices are instantly reported to the network provider, along with corresponding mitigation suggestions. The platform visualises the real-time cyber risks (IoT + Web) present in the city. By automatically mapping the entire footprint, awareness is increased and attacks can be prevented.



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