Theme: Urban Mobility

Pitch: Involving the enduser; the golden square to succes.

I want to share my knowledge and understanding about the topic of smart city, smart mobility, smart energy and smart water and people. In the last 5 years I have done extensive research in the area of people (end-user). From an intrinsic value I want to involve them. Because I believe that knowing and understanding the end- user and add their opinion and knowledge with different kind of projects (self driving cars, maas, etc) the project is more successful. The nationwide survey results are added in our nationwide strategy smart mobility and smart city and also on a city level. I also work internationally (Spain, Canada, Australia, among others). My survey results are used on a State, territory and city level. As said it can be added to nationwide and city level policy and different kind of projects involving Connected Cars, Self driving Cars, electrical car and Mobility As A Service (MAaS) projects. By adding and understanding the human factor (end-user) project can create the mass it needs to lift off to the next level. I conducted surveys for the end user in general and among young people between 12-24 years in the area of possession, sharing and getting involved in communities. The “ ow” question starts with sharing knowledge. When you have the knowledge you can change the attitude and behavior and involve people. Because you stay close towards their way of thinking and acting. With these survey results I have made a businessplan for maas and (at this moment) I am building up a consortia with international partners like KPN, Vialis, etc.

Marco wrote the bestselling book based on the survey results wit the title: “Mobility in the future 2030; finally the people have their say…”


Marco Maréchal
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