Compumatica Secure Networks

Theme: Safety & Security

Pitch Line

Securing smart city solutions by the MagiCtwin technology (one-way or regulated two-way traffic) to prevent a successful cyber attack on systems and networks.

Compumatica is protecting smart city solutions by using MagiCtwin technology. MagiCtwin is developed to separate and regulate networks and the data flow to create a secure IoT environment. MagiCtwin is available in MagiCtwin Diode for only one-way traffic which is specially designed for the critical infrastructure. MagiCtwin Firewall2 enables a strict regulated two-way traffic which creates many possibilities within the Smart industry and smart city concepts. MagiCtwin is compatible with the common industry protocols and could run in cloud environments.


Compumatica exists since 1991 and is an independent Dutch cybersecurity manufacturer in the field on encryption (network- & e-mail encryption) and network security/segmentation (firewall & diode technology). The solutions have different certifications from The Netherlands, European Union, and NATO. The offices are located in Aachen, Uden and The Hague.



Compumatica Secure Networks
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