Civity BV

Theme: Data
Pitch line: Data is gold

Cities in Europe have a huge challenge to become more sustainable, resilient and livable. Technology and data are enablers for innovative solutions on energy, mobility, health and citizen engagement. To facilitate change and create commitment, we need open and federated solutions to exchange and share data.

With our knowledge of local governments, the insight into urban processes, our belief in the power of networks and our passion for data, we contribute to the development of smart cities. We do so by making data available for smart applications that reduce operational costs, lead to sustainable solutions and improve service delivery.

We empower innovative solutions for urban challenges such as mobility, sustainability or security. With our City Innovation Platform (CIP) we build the data network for smart solutions. By connecting data providers from sensors, proprietary systems or other platform with the demand for data. By offering solutions in a secured and managed environment within the City Innovation Platform.

Civity is also partner of the “IRIS Smart Cities,” a five-year European funded project focused on integrated an replicable solutions for co-creation in sustainable cities. In collaboration with the municipality Utrecht, we work on new ways to support and empower the energy transition using our City Innovation Platform.


Civity BV
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