City Hub

Theme: Urban Mobility

Pitch Line: City Hub reduces urban logistic costs and mileage by providing whitelabel hubs and a smart logistic platform for bundling and cooperation in the supply chain.

With the growing number of lorries that have to be in the center every day, the Dutch city centers are in danger of being blocked. City Hub is fighting against this with green city distribution from smart warehouses on the outskirts of the city.

With intelligent white label distribution centers on the outskirts of the city, City Hub wants to relieve inner cities of traffic congestion and air pollution. Different orders are collected at the distribution centers and transported to the center with a wide range off zero-emission transport vehicles. Already there are City Hub branches in several Dutch cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht and Roermond. City Hub is expanding to other Dutch cities, creating a national network. City Hub is searching for partners to expand international.

To achieve this goal, City Hub works closely with landlords, franchisers, transporters and shippers. City Hub provides logistic service providers, shippers and customers with a flexible pay-per-use solution for sustainable urban logistics. Cooperation is based on My Green Connection, a multi-use IT-platform for optimizing urban logistic flows and with dashboards for multiple purpose

City Hub

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