Floriade Expo 2022 Amsterdam-Almere is in many ways becoming an extraordinary smart and sustainable expo.

Floriade Expo 2022 Amsterdam-Almere is much more than just a world horticulture expo. The theme, Growing Green cities, is about the future of the city and the challenges that major cities are facing in the coming years. As organizer of the expo, the city council of Almere is currently working with entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions to come up with the necessary solutions for issues relating to food, a green environment, energy production and health.

The Floriade represents the most important focal points of the city of Almere: a green and healthy city. A city that produces clean energy. A city that is circular: it converts waste into raw materials and uses them as building material. A city that produces healthy food and pure water. A Growing Green City rich in trees, plants, animals and people.

That is why Almere is the ultimate Living Lab, a test area for the continuous development and Improvement of a city of the future, not just for the benefit of the city itself but for all innovative cities, companies and organizations in the world. Visit our website for more information:



Henk Meijer
Frans Jorna
Najat Azogagh
Jan Hoek